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The fun of Being a princess

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I've been thinking about how fun it is to be a Princess, especially a Christmas Princess. I wanted to share with you how fun it is! So, as I sit here with my crown on and type 5 reasons why it's so fun to be a Christmas Princess, I want you to think of 5 reasons why it is fun it is to be YOU. I bet you can think of many more! And you if you can't think of 5 then message me and I will help you!

1. I get to wear a crown whenever I want to! And something about when I have my crown on... I sit up taller and I automatically smile! Do you wear a crown? It could even be a pretend crown!

2. As a Christmas Princess I get to listen to whatever music I want to, and I choose Christmas music! ALL. YEAR. LONG. Well, I do listen to the bunny hop at Easter!

3. I get to SING and DANCE. I know, I really do not have the most soothing voice or the smoothest dance moves and guess what, that is not going to stop me. Why? Because I am the Santa Princess. I am me and that is what I like to do.

4. I get to make people smile. You know the minute I tell someone that I am The Santa Princess and I say it with all the umpff, gusto and confidence they smile. Immediately. Know why? Cause when I say who I am and show who I am, I shine my light and when I shine my light people smile! And when people smile, they shine their light and that makes the world brighter and brighter.

5. And the most fun thing about being a Princess is dreaming. Yep, I dream all the time. I dream at night and I daydream. I dream about the prettiest things, like unicorns, rainbows, puppy dog kisses, and sparkles everywhere. I also dream about the people I love being happy. I dream about walks I am going to talk with my friends, trips I am going to go on, flowers I am going to grow in my garden. I pretty much dream about all good things that are going on and that can happen. You see when you fill your mind with all these good things there is no room for bad dreams or thoughts. Annnnd....when you have all of these good dreams and thoughts, then guess what? Good things happen!

Oh, I could go on with this list for a while, I didn't even talk about eating all of the cookie dough that I want ... The thing is we all have fun reasons for being ourselves. We have to remember that we are fun, and we are here on this beautiful world to have fun! So just be you and have your fun!

What are your 5 Fun Reasons to be YOU? I wanna know!

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