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The Santa Princess

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My Story

Shannon is a believer in Christmas Magic all year round.  Inspired to write this story after a more than a decade of photographing children with Santa  who was played by her Dad .  The costumes were made by her Mom.  Shannon knows the true meaning of Christmas  and unconditional love from her parents.  She grew up knowing she was loved no matter what and was taught to make others feel the same way.  Christmas's were not fancy and filled with expensive toys growing up, they were filled with love and so many happy memories.  

She wants everyone to experience this love and joy  at Christmas time and all year round.  Shannon also has a Christmas party every year where she takes her nieces and nephews caroling to spread joy, love and magic.

Shannon is also an inspirational speaker inspiring others to be the  best version of themselves. Shannon is creating a movement to spread over the nation on December 21st for Christmas Caroling.

My Book

A story about a princess that is yet to be told.  There is magic, there is laughter and there is joy.   This story is more than a Christmas story.  This is a movement to spread joy, love and Christmas magic to those that need it most.   Enjoy the story of Merry; Santa and Mrs.  Claus’s daughter.  Learn how she discovers her magic and shares it with the world. Be inspired to share your magic during Christmas time and beyond.

The Santa Princess

My Books
What they are saying

"It's about sharing love.  I like the book.  It's my favorite book"

Zora McCoy,- 5 years old


Save the date nov 30th
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